Moving your child

Moving Your Child

If you or your child’s other parent plans on moving and wishes to relocate the child, there are many factors to be taken into account. In the eyes of the court system, the best interests of the child are most important.

Child relocation cases can be stressful for the parents and children involved, and our family lawyers can answer your questions, and offer professional guidance and advice.

Child Relocation in Michigan

According to Michigan child relocation laws, if both parents possess joint legal custody, the child may not be moved more than 100 miles away without permission of the other parent or petitioning the court to obtain permission from a judge. This includes out-of-state relocation and moving within the same state as the child’s primary residence.

Factors of Michigan Child Relocation

Keeping the child’s best interests in mind, there are several important factors that the courts take into account when determining whether or not to grant permission for relocation of a child, including:

  • Change in quality of life of the child due to the move
  • If purpose of move is intended to interfere with parenting time of non-custodial parent
    Changes in parenting time schedule
  • Whether or not the parents can agree on a new parenting time schedule
  • If the move is directed at getting more child support from non-custodial parent due to fewer overnight stays

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