Don’t wait to file for Divorce

Don’t Wait to File for Divorce in Michigan

Going through a divorce can be both trying and taxing – emotionally and financially. If you are going through marital problems with your spouse, it is important that you do not wait to file for divorce. Filing for divorce in Michigan as early as possible can save you a lot of time, money, effort and stress in the long run.

By filing for divorce early, the division of property in your case will reflect the financial situation and circumstances of your marriage while you were together, and not months or even years after you decided to separate.

Waiting too long to file for divorce can affect the outcome of the division of property in your joint estate. Factors that can change after a party has separated and not yet filed for divorce include:

  • Retirement Accounts
  • Bonuses or Stock Options
  • Inheritances
  • Lottery Winnings
  • New Home Purchases
  • Selling or Destruction of Assets

By involving the court as early as possible in your divorce case, you can protect your entitlement to certain properties and assets earned and acquired during the length of your marriage.

Determining Spousal Support in Michigan Divorce

The length of time that you wait to file for divorce can also affect spousal support payments. Whether you pay or receive spousal support in your divorce case is dependent upon a number or different factors determined by the court, such as:

  • Length of Marriage
  • Income
  • Ability of Each Party to Work & Pay
  • Ages, Needs & Health of Each Party

MI Divorce Law Consultation

If you are facing divorce or marital problems, do not wait to seek legal consultation. Filing for divorce first can give you the upper hand in your situation, and also help you protect the assets and property you are entitled to.

Going through a divorce can be emotional, stressful and confusing. Contact us today for a legal consultation in your Michigan divorce case online or by phone at (734) 397-4540.

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