Child Support

There have recently been changes to the Michigan Child Support Guidelines. Previously, the formula for determining how much a parent should receive in child support from the other parent was largely based on income.

Now, however; another important factor in determining the amount of child support to be paid is also based on the number of annual overnight stays with each parent, in addition to income level.

Overnight Stays

Based on revisions to the Michigan Child Support Guidelines, the more overnight visits a parent has with a child, the less they will be required to pay in support. Child support arrangements can be adjusted at any time, and either party may petition the court for a change in child support.

Motion / Petition to Change Child Support

Whenever there is a change in circumstances such as income level or parenting time, either parent may petition to change child support with the courts. In the case of filing a petition, it is important to act as soon as possible. The change in child support can be dated back retroactively to when the motion or petition was filed.

Michigan Child Support Help

Our professional family attorneys have handled all kinds of child support cases and arrangements in Michigan. We can help you understand the laws and make sure that you have taken all the necessary steps to arrive at a favorable outcome for you and your child.

What is most important is the best interests of the child, and we can help your child support case by ensuring that a fair agreement is reached, and your child is receiving the proper amount of support for their wellbeing.

For further information regarding information on child support in Michigan and to discuss your case, contact us online or call our family law firm today at (734) 397-4540.

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