Finding the right attorney can be a difficult task. About us Kelley & Evanchek PC features two outstanding professionals with over twenty years’ combined experience in helping clients. Bryon K. Kelley and John Evanchek met as undergraduates at Eastern Michigan University and graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Law. Their practice was founded on a shared value: to help others in times of need. Kelley & Evanchek PC is dedicated to serving their clients and advocating for their rights inside the sometimes confusing and occasionally intimidating legal justice system. Their areas of expertise include civil litigation, family law, bankruptcy, probate and estate law, condominium and homeowners association law, criminal defense, property law, and personal injury cases.

Law-practice partners and friends, Bryon and John consider their clients as family, too, and We strive to provide full-service support in times of stress and uncertainty.

  • I have worked with both John and Bryon. They are down to earth, explain everything in detail and seem to actually care about your situation. They stay on top of things and are quick to answer phone calls an emails. Bryon and John are wonderful to work with.

    Pam C.
  • Extremely helpful and knowledgeable attorneys: I highly recommend them.

    An Shoo
  • What an excellent firm. Bryon Kelley has assisted me in an issue over the last year and I have always felt like a client with a name, not simply a number in their computer. They provide me with updates that are easy to understand for someone with no legal background and are excellent about responding to e-mails and phone calls. I would highly recommend Kelley & Evanchek, PC.

    Cindy Q.
  • I couldn't be any happier with the services provided by the firm. Great communication, extremely knowledgeable and confident. I intend on retaining them indefinitely for all of my family's legal needs.

    David B.
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