Child Support Arrearages

Getting behind in child support payments can present many difficulties and challenges. If you are facing child support arrearages, the best thing to do is seek professional legal assistance in determining a child support plan that is fair and works for you.

There are many factors that can contribute to being behind in meeting child support payments, such as:

  • Loss of Income
  • Child Support Payments Being Too High
  • Incorrect Accounting by Friend of Court

Our child support lawyers can help you understand your rights and obligations in Michigan child support payments and may even be able to discharge your Michigan child support arrearages.

Changes in Child Support Plan

Under Michigan law, it is possible to discharge child support arrearages and come up with a reasonable payment plan that will pay back a percentage of the arrearages owed.

Whether you owe child support arrearages to the state or to your ex, the court must approve a proposed plan to change child support payments. A motion must be filed within the court that the child support is owed, and based on a number of different factors, they can decide whether or not changes should be made to the existing child support payments plan.

Having a skilled and experienced child support lawyer will help you work toward lowering your child support payments or even discharging arrearages.

To discuss your child support arrearages with us and work on a plan that is more favorable to your situation, contact our family legal team online or by phone today at (734) 397-4540.

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