Enforcing Property Settlements, Post Judgment Divorce

When both parties involved in a divorce are not compliant, it can be hard to settle and agree upon terms in a divorce judgment. In certain Michigan divorce cases, sometimes one party may refuse to comply, making the post judgment divorce difficult. Non-compliance issues in post judgment divorce can include:

  • Cash Payment Owed for Property Settlement
  • Refusal to Pay Debt
  • Refusal to Sell Property
  • Refusal to Liquidate Assets

Court Order for Post Judgment Divorce

In Michigan post judgment divorce cases, sometimes obtaining a court order is the easiest way to settle the case and force the other party into compliance. If your ex-spouse does not obey the Judgment of Divorce, you can file a motion through the court to enforce it.

If the other party effuses to comply with court orders, they can be found in contempt of court. If they are in violation of the Judgment of Divorce, the party seeking to enforce the judgment may be awarded family attorney fees and costs.

When a party is found to be in contempt of court for violating Judgment of Divorce, they can be put in jail and may be required to pay a cash bond. Although this may seem like a harsh situation, contempt proceedings are often the most effective way to settle post judgment divorce issues.

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