Modifying Child Support

Under Michigan state law, changes may be made to child support plans whenever there is a change in circumstance of either parent. Relevant changes to a parent’s situation may include:

  • Job Change or Job Loss
  • Change in Work Schedule
  • Medical Problems
  • Change in Daycare Expenses
  • Change in Medical Expenses

It is always possible to make changes, alterations or modifications to any child support plan. Our professional child support legal team can help guide you through the process and understand your rights and obligations as a parent.

Changing Child Support

Whether you feel that you are paying too much in child support, or you are receiving too little, we can help work toward an agreement that satisfies both your needs as a parent and the needs of your child.

The best interests of the child are most important, and the court will carefully look at all deciding factors in each individual child support case when determining whether or not to modify child support.

Don’t Wait to Modify Child Support

If there have been any changes in your situation or that of your ex, do not wait to file a motion or petition to change child support. The sooner you act, the better the outcome will be. Changes in child support can be dated retroactively to the date when the motion or petition to change was filed.

Contact our child support legal aid team today to discuss your case. You can contact us online, or by phone at (734) 397-4540.

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