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Real estate and property law is an expansive area of law. It includes property law and frequently overlaps with contract law. Law that governs this area can be federal, state, local and frequently common law. Real estate, realty and real property are used interchangeably when discussing real estate and property law. When most people think of real estate and property law they think of land. This area of law embodies so much more than just land. It encompasses land, a person’s relationship to the land, rights and duties that come with owning land, things permanently and temporarily affixed to the land, the air above and the minerals below, your right to inherit and dispose of land and so much more.

Having an attorney is a necessity for any real estate transaction whether it is buying or selling a house, granting an easement or renting a property. Attorneys can help people draft deeds, easements, covenants, restrictions and leases. In any real estate transaction you should have an attorney review contracts along with federal, state and local law to ensure compliance. Additionally, an experienced attorney is a must when dealing with complicated real estate transactions.

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