Child Support Review

Michigan Child Support Review

Dealing with MI child support can be complicated, especially if you do not fully understand child support guidelines and laws. Whether you are on the paying or receiving end in your child support case, it is important be aware of your rights as a parent and how much you are supposed to pay or receive, according to Michigan child support law.

2008 Michigan Child Support Guidelines

In 2008, the Guidelines for Child Support in Michigan were modified, based on the number of overnight stays with each parent.

According to previous child support law in Michigan, if one parent had less than 122 overnights with the child each year, they were subject to a sharp increase in their child support payments. In 2008, the guidelines were changed – according to a “shared economic responsibility” formula, and it now adheres to a more gradual increase for parents with less than 122 overnight stays with the child.

Child Support Review

Michigan child support cases can be reviewed every three years, whether or not either parent petitions the court for a review. Since 2008, many child support cases have not been reviewed, and support payments are still being made according to old guidelines.

If you are paying or receiving child support in Michigan, your case may be eligible for re-evaluation under the newer guidelines of 2008. In addition to the number of overnight stays, income of each parent also plays a factor in child support cases.

When a motion to review or change a child support case is filed, it can be dated back retroactively to the date a motion or petition to change child support is filed.

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