Maintenance Companies the hidden costs

Is your Subdivision or Condo complex managed by a Maintenance Company? If so there are many hidden costs that can drive up your association dues that you may not realize. Recently Kelley & Evanchek PC was hired by a local Homeowners Association after they fired the maintenance company the developer had originally hired to manage the subdivision. This subdivision had historically had very high Association dues despite a lack of services being provided. What the Association discovered is that the maintenance company was contracting with several large law firms that were charging on average $4000 per case to collect overdue association fees that were less than $1000! To make matters worse once the Law Firm obtained a Judgment they did absolutely nothing to collect the Judgment.

Maintenance Companies operate for a profit. They do the bare minimum of work and contract with the cheapest provider to do the work. When they do collections of Association dues there is little or no attention paid to collecting from delinquent homeowners. The maintenance company simply raises the rates the next year to make up for people that are not paying, thereby placing more of a burden on those that are paying.

Hiring a law firm like Kelley & Evanchek PC can help keep association dues under control by engaging in effective collection of delinquent Association dues.

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