Association Dues Collections

Association boards are charged with setting maintenance fees for the upkeep and maintenance of their subdivision. When one homeowner refuses or fails to pay their association dues or maintenance fees it places a larger burden on the remaining homes in the subdivision. Delinquent association fees can quickly grow out of control if not managed properly.

Kelley & Evanchek has found that the worst way to collect delinquent fees is to file for foreclosure. Foreclosure is an expensive, time consuming process that rarely results in collection of the overdue fees. Typically the only one that benefits from a foreclosure is the attorney. We have been very effective in collecting past due fees by using simpler, less expensive methods. In most cases our fees and costs can be recovered from the delinquent homeowner making it cost effective for the association.

For more information about collecting delinquent maintenance fees contact us online or call (734) 397-4540 to discuss your situation with our experienced attorneys.

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