Buying or Selling a Home

Buying a home can be one of the single largest financial commitments a person makes. Despite the amount of money involved, few people think to talk to an attorney about purchasing a home. Typically they rely on their real estate agent or the mortgage broker. Both of these people cannot give unbiased advice to a buyer, since they get paid based upon commission. It is important to have someone working for you that is unbiased. An attorney can give you advice as to your rights when purchasing a home and the consequences of signing the documents associated with purchasing a home. Having an attorney review the purchase agreement, amendments, covenants, restrictions, zoning ordinances, mortgage and closing documents can mean the difference between the home of your dreams and the home of your nightmares.

The seller in a real estate transaction is at a distinct disadvantage compared to the buyer. There are little consequences when a buyer pulls out of a transaction, but what happens if the seller fails to go through with a sale? The consequences can be severe. It is important to have an attorney review purchase and sale agreement, the deed or title, covenants, restrictions, zoning ordinances and the closing documents to ensure the transaction goes smoothly.

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