Association Covenants, Restrictions & Bylaws

Subdivisions and site condos operate under a uniform set of guidelines usually laid out in the association’s covenants and bylaws. The covenants typically outline what is permitted and prohibited within the boundaries of the subdivision and are recorded with the Register of Deeds as part of the master plan. Some homeowners contest that they are bound by the covenants that bind everyone else. These homeowners refuse to abide by the covenants and bylaws or withhold payment of homeowner maintenance fees.

Our office has been extremely successful in bringing even the most stubborn homeowner into compliance with Association covenants and bylaws. We send an initial letter to the homeowner outlining the violation and the actions required to return to compliance. After all avenues of voluntary compliance have been exhausted we use litigation to force an unwilling homeowner into compliance.

For more information about homeowner associations and site condo covenants, restrictions and bylaws contact us online or call (734) 397-4540 to discuss your situation with our experienced attorneys.

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