Super Drunk Law

Michigan has recently enacted a “Super Drunk” law for driving under the influence cases. It creates heightened penalties for people with a blood alcohol level of .17% or above. This is more than double the legal limit of .08%. The “Super Drunk” law imposes much harsher penalties than a normal driving under the influence conviction. The maximum jail sentence is increased from 93 days to 180 days. Fines ordered by the court are also increased to a maximum of $700. The license suspension is increased from 30 days to 45 with a restricted license for up to 320 days after the end of the suspension. Most importantly a person convicted under the “Super Drunk” law is required to have an ignition interlock once they get their license back. The ignition interlock will not allow your car to start unless you blow into a breathalyzer device and the result is free of alcohol. This condition extends for the entire period of the restriction.

The issues that can arise in a “Super Drunk” case are more or less the same as an operating while intoxicated or impaired driving. An experienced attorney is necessary to avoid the heightened consequences of Michigan’s “Super Drunk” law.

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