Drivers License Restoration

In Michigan a driver’s license is a necessity. The little public transportation that exists in this state may pick you up at point A but usually can’t get you to anywhere you need to go.

If you have lost your license because of a DUI, drugs or a driving offense contact Kelley & Evanchek. Before filing a petition you must know if you are eligible to get your license back. The requirements to get your license back vary case by case. The Secretary of State is quick to deny a request for failing to meet just one requirement.

The Secretary of State looks at all aspects of your life before they will grant you a license including:

Why you want the license back, for work only or full license privileges
A substance abuse evaluation
Support letters from friends, family and employers
AA attendance
Any other factor that the individual case officer needs to consider
It is vital to be overly prepared for the hearing. A lack of preparation is probably the number one reason people are denied the reinstatement of their license. Hearing officers are looking for direct and truthful answers to questions that probe a person’s past and current actions. Failure to prepare and lack of honesty is the quickest way to have your request denied.

In the event the Secretary of State denies your request for license reinstatement you will not be eligible for another petition for one year. You can file an appeal but the filing of an appeal does not guarantee the reinstatement of your license and on some occasions simply allows you a re-exam sooner than the one year time restriction.

For more information about getting your license back contact us online or call (734) 397-4540 to discuss your situation with our experienced attorneys.

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