Michigan DUI

Impaired driving or operating while intoxicated, also collectively known as driving under the influence or DUI, is one of the most costly criminal charges. A DUI means that your blood alcohol level is more than .08% but less than .17%, or that you exhibit substantially less ability to drive than an ordinary driver because of the consumption of alcohol. If your blood alcohol content is over .17% you may be charged under Michigan’s “Super Drunk” law. A conviction for driving under the influence results in up to 93 days in jail, up to a $500 fine, community service and most importantly a minimum 30 days suspended license with restricted privileges after 30 days. In addition there are court costs, cost of prosecution and other miscellaneous fees paid to the court which can easily cost thousands of dollars. You are also required to pay a driver responsibility fee of $500-$1000 per year for two years.

There are defenses to a DUI charge. Issues can arise with the traffic stop, such as whether you were actually driving within the meaning of the law. Sometimes the officer does not conduct the pre-breathalyzer screening for suspected alcohol use correctly, which can effect whether it is even necessary to take a breathalyzer. Finally the breathalyzer results can be faulty, especially if it is not administered properly. If any of the above issues arise it could result in a dismissal of your case. An experienced attorney can recognize these issues and assess potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

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