Next time leave the SpaghettiO’s spoon at home…

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Personally I’ve never seen crystal meth, but I don’t think it looks anything like SpaghettiOs. Ashley Gabrielle Huff was arrested on charges of possessing methamphetamine, in Hall County Florida. Ms. Huff and a some friends were driving to visit another friend when they were pulled over for a tag violation. The officers asked to search the car, which she allowed them to do (FYI never let the cops search your car). During the search the officers found a bag that contained a spoon with what they described as a “clear substance” on it. The field test came up positive for methamphetamine. Ms. Huff told the officers that she had used the spoon to eat SpaghettiOs and it was SpaghettiOs residue on the spoon. Obviously the cops didn’t believe her so they threw her in jail pending the outcome of the test, which came back negative for drugs, but positive for Os.

You can read the story here:

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