Vote Richard Bernstein, Deborah Thomas and William B. Murphy for Michigan Supreme Court

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With all the election ads running there is a race going on that few people pay attention to until the date of the election. Michigan, elects our Judges the same way we elect our legislature and executive branch, by popular vote. Generally the higher up a Judge is the less impact on our daily lives they have. This does not mean that the race is not important, in fact in a lot of ways it is the most important race. For a long time the Michigan Supreme Court has been controlled by Judges affiliated with one political party. During that time they have trampled on the rights of victims and generally promoted a pro-insurance and pro-business agenda. We here at Kelley & Evanchek, PC, believe that Richard Bernstein (of the Sam Bernstien Law firm), Deborah Thomas and Michigan Appeals Court chief Judge William B. Murphy are the best people for the job to restore balance to Michigan’s Supreme Court. On November 4, 2014 vote Richard Bernstein, Deborah Thomas and William B. Murphy on the non-partisan ballot.

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