US Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

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Today the US Supreme Court rejected Michigan and other States ban on same sex marriage. In a landmark 5-4 decision the US Supreme Court Justices struck down the State bans on same sex marriage. The States primary argument in favor of the bans were that they were passed by voters (so was segregation and Jim Crowe laws) and that children would be harmed by being raised by John and Tom instead of John and Joan (because apparently we still live in the 1950’s). Always on the wrong side of the argument (he argued against the subsidies of Obama Care that were upheld yesterday) was our very own Attorney General Bill Schuette (who is also elected by voters, we here in Michigan make a LOT of mistakes don’t we?). It is unclear how long it will take the State of Michigan to begin to implement same sex marriage but 2 things are now clear 1. We’re all going to be getting more wedding invitations in the near future 2. Pre-nuptial agreements can go a long way to providing certainty should your marriage end like 50% of the opposite sex ones.

Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about pre-nuptial agreements or estate planning.…/supreme-court-same-sex-marr…/index.html

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