I’ll Facebook you my Complaint…

 In Family Law

The law is most certainly evolves over time. It may be several years, if not decades, behind the rest of us in terms of technology, but it usually gets there eventually. A New York Court has allowed what is believed to be the first ever service of process via Facebook. Noel Biscocho had tried to serve his ex-wife with a Motion to terminate his child support, due to their child turning 21 (not sure why he was paying child support for a 21 year old). His ex-wife had moved and left no forwarding address and had refused to respond to attempts at communication. Mr. Biscocho also tried to get in touch with his children to try and locate their mother but to no avail. He did notice however, the his ex-wife, Anna Maria Antigua, would frequently “like” photos posted by mutual friends on Facebook. The Court agreed with him that the only practical way for him to serve his ex-wife was to do so over Facebook. So beware, the next message you get on Facebook may be from a process server. You can read the article here:


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